Is Prodovite really worth all the hype?

Posted by rubber on July 10, 2017

The world of nutritional supplements is filled with so many brand names and products. Not only does this create a lot of confusion, but there are also those who use this as a means to sneak in products that are scams. Prodovite is one of the products that has cut through all the noise and emerged as one that has got many people interested. As with any product that causes such hype, there are those who wonder whether it is legitimate or a scam. This piece will attempt to allay any fears about the product.

So what exactly is Prodovite?

The supplement is a multivitamin mineral phytonutrient complex that was developed by Victory Nutrition International (VNI). Once ingested, this liquid supplement provides the body with a number of nutrients that support the person’s optimal health. These nutrients further give the body a boost of energy and vitality. This is done by ensuring that the nutrients are delivered into the body quickly and effectively. VNI uses proprietary Prodosome Encapsulation technology that guarantees a high bio-availability of the Prodovite. With this delicately performed technological process, the supplement is able to supply complementary nutrients so that they can put into action their synergistic effect on the body.

What sets this product apart from the others?

Whilst many products will heap emphasis on the fact they are instantly absorbable, VNI prefers to focus on sourcing the right kind of ingredients to deliver the desired nutrients. Phytosil, a proprietary blend of botanical extracts goes into the dietary supplement. This blend is the result of careful sourcing of extracts from decaf green tea leaf, chamomile flower, astragalus, ginger root and elderberries to mention but a few. Once all this comes together, the good folks at VNI then utilize their proprietary technology to make Prodovite easily absorbed, resulting in high bio-availability. All these factors put together result into the dietary supplement that is whipping up a healthy storm in the world of nutritional supplements. So, yes, Prodovite is really worth all the hype.



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