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Posted by rubber on October 7, 2016


She was right. My parents’ split was messy. As high as my mom tried to protect me from a lot of the hurt, they still fought, as well as like numerous couples, they made their share of errors. It took ten years, yet ultimately, my moms and dads managed to share low-calorie cranberry sauce on Thanksgiving as well as brisket on Passover.

Still, when my own separation struck, I was figured out not to duplicate their missteps. So I broached the subject of seeing this special kind of therapist with my future ex-husband. He was greater than acquainted with my childhood divorce tales and was quickly open up to the suggestion. When we scheduled an introductory session with Paul Dasher, Ph.D., a professional psychotherapist, it was the first thing we had actually agreed on in months.


At our very first visit, Cason took a seat in a slim wingback, his lengthy legs as well as body cramped as he squeezed into it. I rested on the vast blue sofa throughout from him, not knowing just what to do with the space. Dasher took his place in a broken-in office chair, a yellow notepad in hand. He was a soft-spoken man, calm, various from the couples’ counselors we would certainly seen before: He was nothing like our old long-haired therapist, whose mouth had peered off sideways as if it intended to be anywhere other than talking to us. Nor was he like the red-haired one that was excited by Cason’s knowledge of religion and who stated I should stop telling him exactly what to do.

Dasher, with his sandy-blond hair, had a mournful demeanor, like a funeral director ushering us into choose a casket. We were here for one factor just: The marital relationship was dead.

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